To Write A Novel Is To Re-Write A Novel

by Shelt Garner

I’m finally transitioning from first draft to second draft of my first novel and, as such, I find myself re-writing everything over and over again after having read everything over and over again.

The only solution is to see this element of writing a novel as a job. My natural inclination is to just skim what I’ve written and hope for the best but, fuck, I’m not going down like that.

I’ve gotten this far, I’m not going to screw it up now.

So, I’m going to force myself to not only develop, read and write, but rewrite and reread as necessary. For once, my obsessive personality is coming in handy. This is a massive projected that is hoped to be six (six!) novels before it’s over with and it’s completely overwhelming.

Which, of course, was the point of all of this.

I love being creative — in fact, I can’t help myself — and the only thing I am annoyed about is how difficult it is for me to stay as focused as I should about getting this done as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, all systems go.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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