Ron DeSantis Is An Autocratic Thug

by Shelt Garner

For me, the key thing about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is he’s a political opportunist. If this was 25 years ago, he would probably be just your standard issue ambitious Republican governor. He would be very much like George W. Bush.

But this is not 25 years ago. As such, DeSantis, along with the rest of the Republican Party, has shifted into full blown fascist autocracy. By definition, to be a Republican in good standing these days is to be a fascist. And you know they are by how touchy they get whenever you mention this. They say people like me have been calling Republicans fascists since 1964 and fuck you lib.

Yet, it’s self-evident that Republicans ARE fascists. Their talking points, taking as a whole, are those of autocratic fascists who want white minority rule. To my Traditionalist relatives — who I love dearly — the very idea of “autocracy” is such an abstract to them that they dismiss it as our future. And now they don’t even believe the United States is a democracy in the first place, so they are all-in to being Good Germans once white minority rule is finally established.

And once we became an autocracy, it’s doubtful it would register that we weren’t democracy anymore — but for me. I’m just not going to shut up and as our freedoms slowly begin to circle the drain there is going to come a point because form follows function when a loudmouth crank like me is going to cross the autocrat.

Then things become personal and suddenly they get upset that they can’t find me because I was picked up at a bar for ranting about how much President DeSantis can suck my dick. I’m not saying this will happen immediately after 2025, but once we’re no longer a democracy the general insecurity of our new autocratic ruler will gradually lead to a Constitutional Convention and me in an ICE Camp.

Of course, the other option is a civil war. That would be fun.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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