Red & Blue Talk Past Each Other

by Shelt Garner

While I love my Traditionalist relatives dearly sometimes it’s very obvious that all their talking points are simply the watered down talking points of American Nazis. They hear about the Great Replacement and the Great Reset and the evils of the “liberal world order’ and then turn around and either yell at me about them or just sulk in silence because they no longer want to me about politics.

One thing I’ve found to be frustrating as someone who’s Twitter echo chamber is center-Left is how so many “Resistance” thought leaders are very, very oblivious to the issues that are important to Traditionalists and MAGA.

To your typical conservatives it’s not “the border” it’s The Border. There is only one border, the national border, and it’s like their political clit — touch it and they get really excited one way or another. Now, for me, the center-Right’s obsession with The Border is patently racist and bigoted.

America is, by definition, a nation of immigrants and what anyone who rants about The Border is really talking about is their fear that scary brown people will change the make up of the United States because white women aren’t haven’t enough babies.

One thing that is interesting is the Traditionalists I know fucking hate liberals and Democrats with such an absolute rage that there is no room for compromise. They often get so wrapped up in their dreams of “putting Hillary Clinton under the prison” that when you say, “Ok, you can have that as long as Trump is right there with her” they don’t even notice the concession you’ve made.

What’s more, not only do my Traditionalists think that the “woke cancel culture mob” is out to ruin their lives on a practical, personal basis, they also think that anyone who isn’t MAGA is either gay, a “groomer” or wants to force everyone to bend a knee to the “homosexual agenda.” This is RIGHT THERE at the very front of their minds whenever you want to talk about politics. In other words, we’re totally fucked. It’s just a short jaunt towards a President DeSantis getting approval to throw people like me in a camp.

Because all of that is very bonkers, it’s very easy for center-Left thought leaders to make fun of what MAGA believes. That serves no purpose. While we’re all laughing at MAGA, they’re quickly taking over not just state governments but the administration of elections.

And, I hate to break it to you, but the Nazis believed some pretty crazy things — comical, even. But that didn’t stop them from taking over Europe and threatening the entire world.

Is there any solution to this clusterfuck?

No. There isn’t. We’re beyond the Even Horizon. Not only that, but we’ve given up as a country. We’re either going to have a civil war or we’re going to turn into a Very American Autocracy. Get out while you can, if you have the means.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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