by Shelt Garner

Now that I have a hard deadline to finish the second draft of my first novel by July 1st, in the name of accountability, I plan on writing at least one post a day explaining in general terms what I’ve accomplished.

I can’t just keep drifting towards my goal anymore. I need to put on my big boy plants and actually maybe go outside my comfort zone some. Maybe a lot. I’ve come so far and I’m so close to transitioning into the beta reader process that I just don’t want to fumble the bag.

I’m not going to live forever.

Even under the best of circumstances, I’m on track to have my dreams come true….when I’m in my mid-50s. And that’s only if I absolutely stick the landing. It’s times like these when I feel very sheepish as to how lacidastical I’ve been in general as I work on this novel.

I’ve put in a lot — A LOT — of hard work, but I’ve also made some basic assumptions that just were ill-defined. I knew in general I was making progress, but it was slow and steady and now I need to sprint.

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