Day 1: Second Draft Cornerstone

by Shelt Garner

It’s April 1st and I’ve completed a solid reworked first scene for the second draft. I’ve given the novel a “soft” opening, rather than anything all that dramatic.

My dream title for my first novel.

My heroine is…unique. She’s really interesting and provocative. She’s very much if you fused Lisbeth Salander and Mare of Easttown and had her be a journalist.

I’m a little nervous about how believable she is as a character. At the moment, my need for her to be really unique is bumping up against my fear that she’s just a little too out there for anyone to believe she would be able to do the things I want / need her to do.

I continue to do this in a vacuum, which slows my progress down. And I haven’t been reading as much as I need to. Though, I have admit that I did some reading and all that happened was I felt some existential angst about the beginning of the novel based on some of the things I read and found myself reworking the nature of the first chapter’s scenes AGAIN.

My next goal is to see how fast I can work my way through the remainder of the first chapter. I’ve extensively re-imagined the first chapter yet again. But I do feel that things are going to go a lot faster once I get out of the first chapter. I’ve finally figured out some basic relationships that I feel make the overall story a lot stronger.

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