Trump’s New World Order: The End of NATO

by Shelt Garner

With it growing more and more clear that malignant ding-dong Trump is probably going to win re-election in 2024, we have to start taking seriously the consequences of that particular political tragedy.

The most obvious foreign policy clusterfuck that will happen in a Trump second term is the end of NATO. What’s more, Trump will probably do everything in his power to hand over the entirety of Ukraine to the Russians. Given how bonkers and enamored Trump is with Russian-style autocracy, not even a complete rearrangement of the existing post-WW2 world order is out of the question.

And, what’s more, Trump could pull out our 28,000 man “tripwire” in South Korea as all of this is going on.

Now, it is difficult to comprehend exactly how the world’s nations would react to such momentus foreign policy moves on the part of King Ding-Dong I. But such an event would create not just chaos, but something of a power vacuum that would probably be filled by China.

And, in all honesty, I have to admit that in the back of my mind the idea that all the smug Twitter liberals might stop their massive exodus from the states if it was clear that Trump was going to remake not just America, but the world, in his deranged image.

Again, let me be clear — I hate violence of any sort. I hate guns, I hate violence and I’m a man of ideas and peace. Besides, I’m too old to make much of a difference to anything — or anyone — no matter how bad things might get. I suppose some overzealous ICE agent might murder me because I refuse to shut up about what a fucking cocksucker Trump is, but, lulz, other than that, no.

But Trump really gets as bad as we all fear, there is a least a small chance that he may spark something akin to a revolution on the part of Blues. There is always the chance it will fail and MAGA will only consolidate power in its aftermath, but I think we aren’t giving enough credience to the idea that there is a small chance that it won’t be Reds who freak out and take to the streets, but Blues.

I still don’t think that’s possible. Trump is going to win a second term and we will slide peacefully into a Russian-style autocracy. At least 1 million smug wealthy Blues will leave the country starting Election Day and that will be that. Soon enough, the existing ICE infrastructure will be weaponized and I’ll be rounded up.

Wish me luck.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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