Life During War Time

by Shelt Garner

As I always say — I simply can not predict the future. And, yet, I have an obsession about making my abstract fears about the future concrete. So, here are some ruminations on what life during either a Second American Civil War (Reds) or a Second American Revolution (Blues) might be like.

There are a few things to remember off the bat — one is in either scenario, there would be mass chaos. There would be mass chaos to the point that the most basic elements of modern life like food, water and communication would be put into doubt.

If ever there was a way to end the “woke” era, it would be everyone being faced with some pretty fucking existential issues on a daily basis rather than if a CIS white male used the right pronouns or not. No matter how fucking woke you may be, if you’re worried about dying from an artillery shell in the middle of the night you just don’t have the mental processing power left over to be offended if someone gives you the “ick” by saying “female.”

As part of that chaos, there would be a lot — A LOT — of domestic political refugees as people fled to states that better fit their personal political views. And, of course, there would be the issue of Blue Cities in Red States that might be emptied Pol Pot-style. American Killing Fields, here we come.

Also, both sides would be greatly radicalized once either a civil war or revolution broke out, to the point that all the headquarters of all the major conservative media in NYC might be gutted by angry Blue mobs. This doesn’t even address the fact that Trump Tower might be “taken” at some point during either one of the worst case scenarios.

The darkest element of either a civil war or a revolution would be race relations in the South. It’s easy to imagine a fucking race war breaking out in the South as white conservatives try to rearrange the political order in a rather vicious manner, prompting African Americans to fight back.

Overall, a civil war or a revolution would be very messy and very, very bloody. You would have to take into account the fact that WW3 would probably break out and the DPRK might take America bombing itself into oblivion over “vibes” as an opportunity to lob a few nukes our way.

I just don’t see how we thread the needle like we did in 2020. But, like I keep saying — I can’t predict the future. Maybe everything will turn out the way that Mueller, She Wrote believes and all my fears are just “hysterical doom shit.”

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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