About 38% of The Electorate Wants A MAGA-Themed Autocracy

by Shelt Garner

The thing that so many nattering nabobs of negativism are completely and totally oblivious about is the cold, hard fact that about 38% of the electorate hates democracy and wants a MAGA-themed autocracy of blood and soil. They want a theocratic, fascist state and they see malignant ding-dong Trump as the vessel, the avatar that will give that dystopian hellscape future to them.

It’s hard for well-paid talking head pundits to give anything but shitty hottakes when they make the basic mistake about the intentions of one of the two major parties. To be a modern Republican is, by definition, to be a fascist who wants to eliminate all but consumption taxes and while replacing the “administrative state” with the “moralistic state.”

That’s what people voted for with Trump in 2016 — he sold himself as an autocrat and that’s what people wanted. The quirk in our transition into autocracy was — surprise! — Trump was too dumb and too lazy to do even the most basic of autocratic things to stay in power forever. He waited until the very last step in the process to try to stay in power.

This proves that Trump is not a Great Man, but rather just an vessel, and avatar, for the severe rot within the modern day American political system.

Once we get past the final death rattle of our dying democracy, all taxes will be replaced by a 30% VAT. Meanwhile, abortion will be 100% illegal nationwide. Being gay will be illegal. The already existent ICE camp system will be weaponized and people like yours truly will find myself in a camp, if I’m not just shot by a MAGA neighbor during the transition to autocracy.

Now, for me, the issue is the United States is a big and diverse nation. So while the hellish agenda on the part of MAGA would probably be easy to peacefully make a reality in a small, more homogenous country, there is a greater-than-zero -sum chance that if Republicans screw up there MIGHT be something akin to a “Resistance Revolution.”

I’m not holding my breath, though.

Smug wealthy Twitter liberals already have a second passport. They are already gaming out how they can continue to produce their circle jerk podcast outside the United States once we’re an autocracy. I just don’t see them giving enough of a shit about we “Poors” to risk their lives and sacred honor on something as abstract and unprofitable as “democracy.”

Meanwhile, I DO think there is a pretty good chance that if Biden — or whomever — wins in 2024, that Trump will demand a National Divorce in a personal effort to stay out of prison. So, soon after we all congratulate ourselves for having defeated MAGA for another election cycle, the monster will come for our throats in the guise of a Secession Crisis.

Probably starting with Texas first.

So the key issue is I just don’t see us managing to find a “Third Way” like we barely did in 2020. This coming 2024 election cycle IS IT. Either America is no longer a democracy, or we have a civil war (Reds) or a revolution (Blues) depending on who wins and who loses.

Good luck.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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