Well, If My Novel Gets Adapted Into A Hollywood Movie, I Suspect A Number of Actresses Will Vie For Roles In It

by Shelt Garner

Lulz. This is just mental masturbation. I am so far away from finishing this novel, much less having to worry about shit like this. But I’m drinking 90 proof moonshine at the moment so humor me.

From what I can tell of Hollywood actresses, they love, love, love the opportunity to use the guise of “acting” to do freaky shit. I think this is great for me as an audience member and it does hearten me as an aspiring novelist. I say this because in this third draft of the novel sex work — specifically stripping — plays a pretty significant role.

I am well aware that because of human nature and the needs of marketing that the only thing anyone will want to talk about is the stripper angle of the story. Ok, I get it. But for me, I just think it’s an interesting way to add dimension to some of my female characters.

And I could totally see a number of ambitious women in Hollywood really digging the situations I throw my characters in because of how important stripping is to the progression of the plot. But, as I said, people will be so hung up on the sex worker angle of the story that they may not even realize what the point of the story is in the first place.

But I can see the appeal of my female characters to Hollywood actresses. If I do my job right, I will craft a number of really interesting women who just happen to strip on occasion. At the moment, the stripper angle is nothing more than an excuse to flesh out characters in the first act.

The rest of the novel is a homage to Stieg Larsson’s work in a way that the average read should see it as an old brown shoe. If I am a good enough writer, that is.

Anyway. What do I know. I’m a smelly CIS white male.

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