Sydney Sweeney, Call Your Agent (Eventually?)

by Shelt Garner

Now, let me be clear — everything continues to be in flux with the novel I’m working on. But, at the moment, it seems as though it’s possible I’ve stabilized the first few chapters of the third draft of the novel. And among the characters I’ve come up with is a young woman who I think I’m going to model physically after Sydney Sweeney.

I am well aware that even when you finish a screenplay you’re not suppose to have any specific actor in mind when you create a story. But, lulz, I’m just mentally masturbating at this point.

But the character I’ve come up with is pretty interesting. And I could see the character — who is quite colorful — might be a fan favorite, if the novel ever gets sold and has, like, uhhh….fans?

Anyway, the issue of this novel being a bit too “sex positive” continues to linger in my mind. But I’ve decided the direction of this novel and there’s a sex worker angle to it that I had no idea it would have up until recently. But part of the point of having so much spicy content is it helps encourage me to finish the damn novel.

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