The Storytelling Snob: Writing A Good Pop Mystery-Thriller Novel Is Hard Work For Me

by Shelt Garner

Jesus Christ. I have a really, really good idea for a novel, but I also have very, very high expectations for myself. As such, I find myself writing and rewriting the same shit over and over and over and over again. It can grow rather tedious. But occasionally I see the sparkle of the story I know I have in me.

I struggle with how this came about. I think some of it is not only am I doing all of his in a vacuum, but the story itself is just way more ambitious than I thought going into things. As such, I have had too many plot points crammed into too few scenes with not enough character development.

That has begun to change, however.

It’s just I have such fucking arbitrary rules about how to tell the story the way I want to tell it that I can get bogged own in very specific issues that the average causal reader will never, ever notice.

They shoot writers, don’t they?

Anyway. I have a lot of hope. I just have to buckle down and work both harder and faster. I can’t keep drifting towards my goal. I am in a very idyllic situation right now and it just can’t last. Something Big is going to change my life one way or another soon enough.

It’s just a matter of what it is.

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