The Fear Is, Of Course, That Tyrant Trump Will Be More Pol Pot Than Hitler

by Ender

While neither Hitler nor Pol Pot were great guys, I think we’re missing the point to suggest that Tyrant Trump will be an American Hitler. I say this because while Tyrant Trump definitely shares a lot of traits with Hitler, there is one key element to MAGA that makes me think Pol Pot is a more accurate comparison: MAGA is a movement not of expansion, but of retrenchment.

What’s more, emptying the cities and having American Killing fields is definitely something I could imagine Trump — or his equally deranged fascist successor — doing. MAGA hates the elites and the cities to the point that if things went totally off the rails then soon enough, after the ICE infrastructure has been weaponized, MAGA may skip a few steps and simply empty the cities en masse.

That is an extremely dark scenario. And I don’t *really* think any such thing will happen. But if we’re going to think about what happens if Trump goes full tyrant, maybe we think more about the social impact of Pol Pot rather than Hitler.

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