What Is To Be Done: How Bad Will Things Have To Get Under Tyrant Trump In 2025 For The American Populace To Get ‘Woke?’

by Ender

Editor’s Note: I’m not advocating anything. I’m just frustrated and sometimes I write provocative things generated from that frustration.

If Tyrant Trump freaks out we all may be antifa in 2025.
Something that has really been weighing on my mind of late is — how bad, exactly, will things have to get before some direct action concepts that would otherwise NEVER HAPPEN suddenly become viable? Remember, none of the fascist dreams that Tyrant Trump will happen in a vacuum. If Trump and his goons literally begin to snatch people off the street — or drive them out of the country — there is going to be some sort of reaction on the part of the population.

Or will there? Is it possible that as long as the economy is going well and 1 million smug Twitter liberals with their circle jerk podcasts leave the country that….lulz? Even if we literally descend into tyranny of autocratic rule that…no one will care? There might be some riots or protests here or there, but if Tyrant Trump has scared the shit out of the broadcasts networks…no one will know about it?

Of course, Tyrant Trump thinks that all of his problems will be solved by invoking the Insurrection Act. This is very dumb and naive. That’s just not how this works, it’s not how any of this works.

I’ve read up on how the Nazis consolidated power in early 1933 and the crucial thing they had that Tyrant Trump won’t have is a paramilitary group. The U.S. Military is simply NOT the Nazi SA. On an institutional basis, the U.S. Military simply isn’t interested in being a tyrant’s bitch. It may slow walk any knocking of heads if Trump causes mass riots across the country, or, if there was a Women’s Strike or General Strike, they might even just stand down and wait for things to play out.

Who knows. Given the absence of a SA-like paramilitary group, things get really murky in early 2025 really quick. Even if Trump does everything in his power to corrupt the adminstration of civilian rule over the U.S. Military if Tyrant Trump does all the batshit insane things he wants to do…yikes. Things could get rather bonkers rather quick.

My fear is that a second Trump term would cause first a Glorious American Revolution….then a Secession Crisis as Reds balk at all the structural political reforms that Blues will want to push through.

The whole thing would be a clusterfuck. I don’t want it to happen, but I am gravely concerned that we’re just not prepared for what may happen in the United States starting in late 2024, early 2025.

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