Trump’s Tyranny Won’t Happen In A Vacuum

by Shelt Garner

There is still a chance that Trump won’t be re-elected in 2024. I can’t predict the future, no one can. And it’s very, very possible that some sort of unexpected 2020-like “Third Way” will pop out of nowhere at some point in 2024 that allows us to avoid either MAGA autocracy or revolution / civil war in 2025.


All signs as of late 2023 point to Trump being re-elected. And Trump has some pretty tyrannical things planned once he’s back in office. The key thing for me is Americans will still have agency. It’s not like Blues will just shrug and let Trump rule over them like a Red King.

I long thought it possible that it would be BLUES not REDS who started a civil war. Now I realize that’s just not what Blues would do. They are far more likely to essentially start some sort of “revolution” than pull states out of the Union in defiance of Tyrant Trump. (Of course, if that Glorious Revolution is successful that, unto itself, could cause a civil war because Red States would start to leave the Union.)

I have no idea how things would work out, but I do know that Trump is such a dingus that in all his tyrannical thrashing around in 2025, he would probably so piss Blues off that Something Would Happen In Response. It might be a General Strike. It might be that the U.S. Military would balk at being Red King Trump’s goons in Blue parts of the country — invoking the Insurrection Act is not some sort of magic fascist pixie dust.

All in all, if Trump is re-elected things will get…bumpy. And, in the end, it could be that any attempt to depose Trump will fail and we’ll endup like Hungary, Turkey and Russia. (I’m not advocating anything! I’m just musing about potential futures.)

Make sure you have a passport.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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