‘Cancel Culture,’ Incels & A Second American Civil War

by Shelt Garner

It boggles my mind that anyone would actually want a civil war in the United States. In fact, if a civil war as bad as I fear might happen, happened here in the United States, it would be compared to the French Revolution in regards to a mysterious tragedy.

Using almost every metric but one, the United States is a rock solid country that from the outside you would never think was beginning to implode. But, here we are. The problem with the United States right now is almost entirety political. It seems to me that if you talk to your average conservative-but-not-MAGA person, if a civil war did happen it would be in large part to how conservatives perceive cancel culture.

Conservatives are enraged by cancel culture because of their abstract fear that simply by being conservative, they risking having their life ruined. That cancel culture doesn’t even really exist outside of some #MeToo monsters who definitely deserved it, is lost on them.

But your typical conservative can, off the top of their head, give you a half a dozen “examples” of people they believe were just minding their own business being conservative and then had everything taken from them for just being political “unwoke.” That they think this is pretty much the engine of fear and rage that has gotten us to this point.

The other big problem that has eaten away at America’s foundations is white, blue collar men without a college education can’t get laid anymore. They can’t afford to get married and start a family. For them, the American Dream is long dead.

So, we got MAGA.

Now, there’s a third aspect to our impending doom — Donald J. Fucking Trump.

He’s America’s anti-Gorbachev, but with similar results in that he’s going to probably destroy the country he was elected to lead.

Through a combination of being a criminal ding-dong and a regular old traitor, Trump is apparently hell bent on forcing us into political violence. There’s no ready answer.

Just be ready for anything, I guess. If I’m forced to leave my home because of my politics, I’m heading north to NYC. That seems my best bet to make a difference if it comes to that.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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