Project 2025: MAGA’s First 100 Days

By Ender
I’m reading a book about the Nazi’s first 100 days and the more I read it, the more compelling it becomes. I say this because of what I’m learning about the Nazi MAGA’s Project 2025 which lays out what the fucking MAGA Nazis plan to do once they have power again.

Essentially, as I understand it, Project 2025 is essentially a plot against America that would provide Tyrant Trump with the legal and administrative shock troops of the MAGA Nazi (counter) revolution. Reading about the Nazis’ first 100 days is very illuminative as to what we should expect should Tyrant Trump win re-election in 2024.

If Trump literally begins to lock up his critics, all American will, at last, face a moment of truth. It seems clear that Tyrant Trump wants to sucker punch us in the first few days of his second administration by arresting people he doesn’t like and invoking the Insurrection Act.

My hunch is that all the fucking earnest, smug Twitter liberals who have loved Mueller, She Wrote so much since the advent of Trump will pretty much just slink out of the country using the second passport. Rather than using their power and influence to organize mass direct action like a General Strike, they will be swilling wine and recording their circle jerk, smug podcasts somewhere in the south of France.

As such, I think the moment it’s clear Trump has won a second term, there will be a massive outflux of wealthy, educated liberals from the country. That will be the first indication that the MAGA Nazi counter revolution has begun. A number of notable Trump critics will be among them, as well. When people like Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart bounce in late 2024, then, lulz, we know we’re going to the show.

Of course, it could be even worse. Rather than leaving the country, Colbert may simply vanish off the airwaves soon after Trump comes back into office. When dystopian, tyrannical shit like that starts to happen, it makes me wonder what my Traditionalist relatives — whom I love — will react.

Because I have made it clear to anyone who will listen that I’m not fucking shutting up about how I think MAGA is fucking American Nazism and Trump is a fucking small dicked cocksucker. Come at me, bruh, as they say. I’ve repeatedly tried to make the rise of MAGA Nazism personal to my conservative relatives, with little reaction.

It’s shit like that that makes me think that much like the Nazis during their first 100 days in 1933, MAGA Nazis, too, will ride political momentum into a situation where they turn the nation I love into a fucking American Nazi state. The existing ICE infrastructure will be weaponized and people like me will be rounded up as “enemies of the state.”

I wish I was kidding. It definitely seems as though that’s my fate at the moment. I’m never fucking shutting up. I would rather die on my feet a free man than live on my knees a slave.

What’s interesting to me is the conditions of the Nazis’ first 100 days and those of the MAGA Nazis’ 100 days are not one-to-one. Among the differences is modern America is far bigger and far more diverse than German 1933. And, what’s more, not only is the American state far more decentralized than the Weimar Republic, being a free country is part of the American self-identity and birthright.

As such, the moment the fruits of Project 2025 begin to be seen, there is very likely going to be a pretty severe reaction. When the fucking Project 2025 SA members begin to use the levers of state while they corrupt the law, we will enter a political crisis not seen since the end of the civil war.

One thing I can’t game out is what the U.S. Military will do should the MAGA Nazis use the Insurrection Act to go after American citizens. The thing about the Nazis is during their first 100 days, they had paramilitary groups like the SA to knock heads and cause the end of the Weimar Republic.

While there are a number of paramilitary groups affiliated with the MAGA Nazi movement, but none of them are as powerful or widespread as the Nazi SA was in early 1933 Germany.

As such, the MAGA Nazis have to invoke the Insurrection Act to get the U.S. Military to do their dirty work for them. This raises the question of if the U.S. Military is prepared to be a goons who club the American public “just cause.” That is an open question in my mind.

It seems to me at least possible that the U.S. Military, rather than knocking heads, may turn on Herr Trump and his MAGA Nazis thugs. I’ve already proposed that the 14th Amendment’s Insurrection Clause would be an ideal legal over to depose Tyrant Trump. A lot would depend, of course, on who was Speaker of the House in 2025.

The most extreme version of this scenario would involve something unpreceded a military junta that would keep the country together until, say, a Constitutional Convention could be held that would push through some very needed Constitutional reforms.

I only suggest such a thing because, lulz, even if we did manage to depose Tyrant Trump, there would still be about 38% of the population that really, really wanted the vision that malignant ding-dong proposed. Only the U.S. Military would have the means to hold the country together long enough to sort out an ongoing clusterfuck in a way that gave us a political off ramp.

If that didn’t work, then well, buckle up — we’re going to the show. Any attempt to depose Tyrant Trump would cause a Secession Crisis which, would, in turn, probably cause WW3 to happen.

Good times!

Keep the faith, New Patriots.

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