Countdown To American Fascism: Now What

by Shelt Garner

The thing about America’s decent into fascism is how obvious it all is and yet Twitter liberals continue to be painfully oblivious. There won’t be a free and fair election this fall and we all have to prepare for the consequences of that. The history books will mark the end of liberal democracy in the United States as the day Trump was acquitted by the Senate.

We are now in a fascist state. The bad guys have won. We have to turn our attention from scoring points on Twitter to figuring out how to live in a fascist state. The key point we have to understand fully is the Republican Party is fascist. It sees democracy as only a means to an end. That’s why Trump gets away with acting so surreal — Republicans only see themselves as legitimate. Anyone else with any power is to be destroyed at all costs. And, really, the logic is there for them to start murdering people in cold blood, it’s just a matter of the circumstances being right.

I refuse to delude myself. The fascist have won and will likely either snatch me off the street or push me out a window at some point in Trump’s stolen second term. This is an absolute law of political nature at this point. But, simply to be fair, I will entertain a few scenarios where that will at least be punted down the road a (few) years.

There are a few major problems for the fascists going forward.

Trump Is A Self Own Artist
I find this plausible, but just barely. Trump is not a political genius, no matter what The New York Times‘ Maggie Haberman thinks. He’s just a very lucky moron. So, it is at least possible that at some point between now and when the Electors vote, he’ll pull defeat from the jaws of victory. He’ll screw up in some way that he can’t weasel his way out of. This has happened to him a few times over the last four years. To date, he’s always managed to avoid any real accountability, but if he did it at just the wrong time during his efforts to steal the election, well, lulz.

Trump Is Barely Sane
Connected to the first issue is Trump being bonkers. He’s just barely holding on his mind. Now, this is not quite the fatal flaw you think it is — Interior Minster Barr will simply do whatever is necessary to keep House Trump in power, even if Trump finally snaps in a way that is so conspicuous it can’t be hidden.

Electors Are Human Beings
I have long assumed that Trump’s criminality and his insanity would merge if there was any risk he might actually lose. That’s happening a little bit, but if really did feel he was going to lose, he would strike at the weakest link of the Constitution — the human beings who are Electors. He is going to dox them on Twitter. Or to “joke” on Twitter that MAGA should remind them of the power of the Second Amendment. And, Electors being human beings is such an unpredictable variable that I simply can’t for sure tell you how that might work out. It’s just possible that everything will completely be thrown up in the air and the entire country will come to know the personalities of all the Electors in a way we never felt possible. It could be that the Electoral College is finally abolished because we have the political equivalent of 9/11 in 2020. It’s barely possible, but any time humans are involved, all bets are off.

Both Trump and Biden Are Old
I have nothing personal against Trump. Live long and prosper, you fucking criminal. I would prefer he be arrested the moment he’s out of office and put in jail for the rest of his life where he could “prosper,” but that’s unlikely to happen. Anyway, I want a political solution to the cancer that is MAGA, but I will note that if either one of the major presidential candidates were physically indisposed for some reason — especially if it was really, really late in the process — then you ain’t see nothing yet. Some really, really surreal things might happen.

But none of this is going to happen. Trump is going to successfully steal the election and that will be that. Fascism in America is no longer something that “may” happen at some point in the future — it’s here, now.

Just like with Brexit, the worst is going to happen. We’re in for 20 to 40 years of fascist rule in the United States. We’re going to be identical to Putin’s “managed democracy” in Russia. There will be a Constitutional Convention at some point in Trump’s stolen second term that will pass Enabling Acts and, well, that’s it. This is an absolute certainty.

The reason it’s an absolute certainty is Twitter liberals are delusional. They don’t realize how dirty the fascist Republicans are going to play if there’s any doubt of their final victory. And, a such, Republicans are going to willingly embrace fascism.

I wish I was smart enough how to survive the new fascist state of affairs in the United States. But I’m not. You’re on your own.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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