An Update On The #Novel

by Shelt Garner

Things are going well with the novel. I’m just about to reach the point of the novel where there’s a huge hole in the outline, so things are going to slow down a little bit.

But my deadline is wrap up the first draft is still Election Day, so I’m going to think of something. I’m quite pleased with how smooth things are going as of right this moment. Things are really beginning to fall into place in a way I’m comfortable with.

I’ve figured out my own style of development and what I want to say. As such, things are moving at a pleasant clip.

Since I ABSOLUTELY believe Trump is going brazenly steal the 2020 Election, the themes of the novel should be quite popular should I ever manage to sell it. I do have a little bit of unease that fascist House Trump may crack down on free speech so much just about when I’m trying to sell the book that it won’t happen, even if I do a really good job otherwise.

But I believe in my heart that there is a little bit of a window of opportunity for this novel. There might be just enough time before the final boom falls on the First Amendment that I might find a modicum of success.

I have to think of something to keep me going.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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