The Crown Prince Don Jr. Conundrum

by Shelt Garenr

It is well known that Crown Prince Don Jr. is a major goober. Even his father, allegedly, has suggested the Crown Prince has the worst judgement of the family and that’s saying something.

But having said all that, he presents something of a conundrum for House Trump.

Macro trends would suggest that House Trump has formally been established. They are now a ruling family. And only American self-perception prevents House Trump from going full imperial on us. Though, to be honest, Trump’s control over the Republican Party is absolute he could, in fact, declare himself Emperor Trump I and the GOP would agree to the idea with great gusto.

Anyway, the point is, what to do with Don Jr.

On one hand, there are some pretty vicious fascists — like Mike Pompeo and Tom Cotton — waiting in the wings who are more than willing to cut a bitch to become president. And, yet, the devotion of the Republican Party to House Trump is now such a Singularity of Fascism that it’s difficult to imagine a scenario where the Crown Prince won’t endup as either president or veep in 2024. (Though, we have to note at this point that Trump himself will probably demand a Constitutional Convention in his stolen second term and turn himself into something of a cross between Caligula, King George III and Brezhnev for the remainder of his days. )

The last time I checked, Trump isn’t actually God, so he is at some point down the road not going to be physically able to serve as president. Though I wouldn’t put it past the Republicans to make Trump “eternal president” as the North Koreans have done in a similar situation.

So, the point is, will the Crown Prince become president by default, or will there been some sort of existential power struggle whereby he becomes the kingmaker and simply gets some sort of cushy job running one of the military districts that will replace Blue States soon enough.

My guess is the Crown Prince will become president and because he’s such a fucking doofus, that the actual power behind the throne will be someone like Cotton or Pompeo.

But, long term, I think we’re in for a succession of Trumps as president. My guess just about when Barron Trump is up to take his turn, AOC will be release from prison like Nelson Mandela and a Second Republic will (mabye) be established.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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