Why I’m Not MAGA

by Shelt Garner

I could write a whole book on why I hate MAGA — and, in a sense I am via the novel I’m writing — but there’s one aspect of MAGA that sticks out above all the rest. That aspect is how MAGA craves transforming the United States into an autocratic white Christian ethno state like Russia.

My white hot rage against this desire on the part of MAGA is the one thing that allows me to tolerate all the dumb things that liberal-progressives have managed to think up to hurt themselves on a political level. I was not raised in a nation that was based on “blood and soil.” I was raised in a nation that was an idea that welcomed immigrants from all over the world and always strove to do better.

Everything else that I hate about MAGA stems from this desire on their part. Trump is simply a vessel for the racism, misogyny and bigotry that is associated with the “blood and soil” concept. The startling thing to me about all of this is I keep meeting otherwise intelligent, educated (and wealthy) people who have bought into the “blood and soil” concept totally.

It’s enough to fill me with a great deal of dread. It’s like a fucking Twilight Zone episode. Things have gotten so bad with a number of people close to me that I am beginning to take some of my more hysterical Trump-era fears far more seriously than I did while Trump was in office. As I keep saying, in the end, we’re going to have a very stark choice as a nation: autocracy or civil war.

The United States is far more politically unstable than the average person may believe. All we need is a little extra pressure put on the system and the whole thing may collapse in a rather abrupt, violent and cataclysmic manner. And, really, the United States is a slow moving train wreck at this point — the only question is what finally pushes us over the edge.

That’s probably my biggest pet peeve about Twitter liberals. They take such glee in pointing out the structural problems in the United States…but don’t take the time to make the obvious cognitive leap to what it all means. It’s like they see a historical train rushed towards us, but aren’t all that interested in helping us get off the tracks.

I just don’t see how the United States doesn’t either become an autocratic managed democracy like Russia or we buckle and start running around murdering each other for political reasons. I hope I’m wrong. I often am. But on a macro level, things don’t look so great.

The point of this is — I, for one, know which side I’m on. I’m on the side of the America I grew up in. Whatever fate that may bring me, I’m ready for.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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