America Is So Fucked

by Shelt Garner

Because America is doomed and we’re probably going to have a civil war around 2024 – 2025 or turn into a full fledged autocracy, the fact that Justice Thomas’ wife is a Qanon kook is huge lulz.

Absolutely nothing matters. We’re fucked.

I say this because even without asking, I know what my Traditionalist relatives would say if I mentioned the current clusterfuck around Ginni Thomas. Both sides — what about Hunter Biden?

This is an example of how my “hysterical doom shit” is just fucking pragmatic realism at this point. People like to dismiss my real talk as “hysterical doom shit” because they don’t want to have to process the implications of how fucked we really are.

I supposed that they believe to accept how fucked we are is to give up hope. I’m not saying give up hope! But to pin all your hope on something that isn’t going to happen — any kind of accountability for a huge swath of a group of people actively working to destroy American democracy is idiotic.

My advice is to gird your loins. Accept that Trump is not only above the law, but, barring something unexpected is going to run again in 2024 and win. He may even cheat to win, even though he would win outright otherwise. Ginni Thomas will never be held accountable and her husband isn’t going resign or recuse himself.

The January 6th Committee is going to lay out some pretty shocking things between now and election day 2022 — and Republicans will still sweep to victory in both the House and Senate.

We. Are. Fucking. Doomed. This is it, the end of the United States as we’ve known it since the beginning. Or a civil war breaks out and we have the high risk, high reward possibility of some sort of Third Republic being established. But not without the death of millions of Americans when WMD are used by both sides.

You’re an idiot if you think the system is ever going to work at this point. We just don’t have the political will to do anything about the systemic criminal behavior of the MAGA New Right.

Rather than have any expectation of being “saved” by the system, I would recommend you figure out what you’re willing suffer — even die — for. And then be prepared to not know if you’re side is going to win in the end. It probably is going to get that bad starting around 2024 – 2025. The United States is very unstable and growing more so every day.

Like I said WE ARE FUCKED.

No amount of voting or organizing is going to save us. Knowing what you believe in on a personal basis is all you got at this point. Once you know that, you can grab your bug out bag and head to a part of the country that is in better tune with your own political views.

Then get ready for the air raid siren — not just a Second American Civil War is coming, but WW3, too.

Or, if we’re “lucky,” we slip peacefully into autocracy and your biggest concern won’t be the soft power of “woke cancel culture” but the very real hard power of something like ICE knocking the heads of people who are willing to say what everyone knows is true — Mike Pompeo is a fat fuck.

Anyway. Good luck.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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