America’s Impending MAGA Genocide

by Shelt Garner

We are witnessing the radicalization of the Republican Party into nothing short of an American Nazi Party. Just in the last few months, the party has grown more and more hysterical in its misogyny, race baiting, and now, homophobia. It’s like something about their impending return to control of Congress has boiled their minds or something.

But this is part of a broader problem — Republicans have now decided that any fact that doesn’t help their preconceived narrative is “bogus.” They have their orthodoxy and that is their reality. Any cold hard fact that doesn’t fit that orthodoxy is to be ignored, or played down or disparaged. There is now such momentum to this adherence to the MAGA New Right orthodoxy that a lot of “Good Germans” are shifting their stance accordingly.

That’s why 2023 – 2025 will be a very, very turbulent era in not just American history, but, potentially human history. The conditions are there for Republicans to commit genocide no matter which direction we go. If we become an autocracy, then ICE will be weaponized as will the entire ICE camp infrastructure. Soon enough, because of how how Qanon has consumed the Republican Party, liberals will be rounded up and murdered in cold blood. Meanwhile, if we have a civil war, the same thing will happen, only in the Red States to those Blues unfortunate enough not to escape to a Blue State.

I’m well aware of how hysterical all of this sounds. It just doesn’t seem possible that the most powerful democracy in the world would turn on itself like this. But, lulz, here we are. In fact, if humanity survives the impending clusterfuck we’re about to go through, many, many, books will be written that struggle to figure out how things got so bad so quickly.

All the conditions are their for something horrific to happen in the United States between now and around Certification Day 2025. Or, put another way, the process that will end with a historic genocide happening in the United States will begin between now and 2025.

The reason why this keeps being at the forefront of my mind is I’m never going to shut up about how much I fucking hate the MAGA New Right and given I’m a loudmouth crank with no friends it’s inevitable that it’s going to be people like me who run afoul of our new MAGA autocrat — or have to struggle to leave my Red State to get out of the clutches of the radicalize state MAGA government.

All of this sounds totally bonkers at the moment, but things are growing darker by the moment in the United States. Even my “Good German” relatives talk about how “woke corporations” “groom” children for a homosexual lifestyle — or worse. If that’s not a ping from a very, very dark future, I don’t know what is.

This only sounds bonkers because people simply can’t comprehend that the United States could implode into true tyranny. In fact, it’s surreal how my Good German relatives think it will be “woke corporations” who do the very things that I’m afraid a MAGA autocrat will do. So, we’ve reached the point where both sides accuse the other of the same things.

But one thing is clear — we can’t keep punting the crisis we’re in down the road forever. There will come a point sooner rather than later when America is going to go through some historic changes. Either we turn into a Nazi-style autocracy, or we have a civil war.

In either case, there will be genocide.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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