What Exactly Is The MAGA New Right’s Endgame?

by Shelt Garner

It’s with growing alarm that I see the MAGA New Right grow not only more and more radical, but more and more detached from reality. But, here we are — the conservative Traditionalists in my family grow more and more radical every time I see them.

It makes you wonder — what’s the endgame of all of this.

The only unknown at the moment is if we have a civil war or if we slip peacefully into autocracy. I think it’s the latter. And then the issue is how bad, exactly, is the autocracy going to get? At the moment, I think it’s probably going to settle somewhere around modern day Russia. But there is a chance that because of race we go full blown Nazi Germany. So, somewhere between Putin’s Russia and Hitler’s Germany is where America will find itself once the autocratic dust settles.

But one thing is for sure — the America that we all have known our entire lives is in its twilight. Either we have a civil war with WMD and maybe, just maybe, renew the American Covenant, or we become an autocracy and millions upon millions of people die in the camps.

Regardless, the MAGA New Right will get its way one way or another. Either they get their civil war and radicalize that way or they don’t bungle the tradition into autocracy. The very thing that has, to date, stopped our tradition into an autocracy the so called “Deep State” will be the first to go and then there will be no breaks to slow our decent into tyranny.

And all of this is happening in broad daylight and we’re doing nothing to stop it. That’s the sad thing about it all. But we’re dealing with historical macro trends. We’re passed the even horizon for a “Fourth Turning” or “Great Reset” sometime around 2024 -2025.

We are, in short, doomed. There’s no going back. All we can do is figure out what we believe in and what we’re willing to suffer for in the real world. That, at least, is all I got at the moment as to a “solution.”

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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