My Hot Take On The January 6th Insurrection ‘Multiverse’

by Shelt Garner

The key issue about January 6th is we know what the conspiracy was and we know what the plan was. And yet, because of macro trends outside of our control, in the end, nothing will change.

Apparently, the plan was for the mob to drive Pence out of the Capitol and then Republican Senate President Pro Temp Grassley would handle things from that point on. The hope was that there would be sufficient clashes between the Right and the Left that the narrative would be that for Trump to declare martial law.

The rest would take care of itself.

There would likely be significant violence, but, in the end, the entire system to devoted telling the masses to calm down. As such, the only reason why the plan didn’t succede was the plotters were too lazy and stupid not to force the issue about Pence.

When Pence would not leave the Capitol, Biden becoming president was inevitable.

This does raise the question of if there had been significant political violence around January 6 beyond what actually existed, would there have been a civil war? The conditions were definitely there.

But even if Pence had played along and martial law was declared, we, as a nation, just weren’t ready for a civil war.

Come 2024 – 2025, however, I think that will be a lot different. We’re going to be primed and ready for a civil war — based on the state level — and we really will face the existential choice of autocracy or civil war.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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