America’s Coming White Christian Minority Rule

by Shelt Garner

Make no mistake, all the hatred that the MAGA New Right has for democracy is all a smoke screen for what they really mean — they are craven and want to establish a white Christian ethnostate based on minority rule. They don’t come out and say this for a number of reasons, specifically they don’t want any association with the term “white minority rule” because it’s racist as hell.

So they beat around the bush and hate on democracy in general. They usually hate on Abraham Lincoln at the same time, which if that isn’t a tell I don’t know what is.

Anyway, we have to accept that the endgame of the the clusterfuck we’re living through at the moment is minority rule. Starting around 2024 – 2025, the United States will be run by a very passionate, organized minority — white Christians.

And that will be that.

Republicans will finally get what they want — the ability to pass all their unpopular policies without having to worry about blowback from the 60% of the population that opposes them.

I honestly don’t see how this dark, dysoptian political hellscape doesn’t happen. The American center-Left is too divided and too busy sucking its own cock in the guise of long, overwrought Twitter threads to do the hard work in the real world that would prevent white Christian minority rule from happening. Or, put another way, we’re past the Event Horizon.

There is, of course, a small chance that rather than imploding into autocracy and minority rule, we’ll explode into a civil war. I still find this very unlikely, however. There probably will be a lot of talk of secession now and again between now and January 2025, but in the end, Blue States will just “bend a knee” to white Christian minority rule.

The question is not how bad it will get, but how long it will take to get as bad as our worst nightmares. I suspect that, initially, nothing will really change. So the first few years of President DeSantis’ administration won’t really feel any different.

But gradually, however, things are very much going to change. The MAGA New Right will grow accustomed to unchecked, unfettered control of the leavers of power and, well, sucks to be you non-MAGA person.

And, in the end, all those people’s who’s only red line was personal, well, they’re going to find out what that means in real terms.

And, yet, there is, like I said, a chance — however small — that things go the other way and we have a civil war. And it’s very unlikely there will be a nice pat ending.

But one thing is for sure, a shit ton of wealthy Blue Check liberals are going to flee the United States in the next few years, no matter what happens. They will only sheepishly come back to the States should there be a civil war and Blue States win.

Otherwise, they’re just going to smell their own farts at cocktail parties while drinking ironic White Russians.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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