The ‘Mosleyification’ Of The Republican Party

by Shelt Garner

Way back when, there was thing dingus in Great Britain named Oswald Mosley who was Hitler’s “Man in London.” As I understand it, Mosley was a useful idiot who was laying in wait to be Hitler’s stooge in Britain should Operation Sealion have been successful.

Oswald Mosley

Flashforward and growing numbers of elected Republicans are nothing more than useful idiots who will do whatever our Republican autocrat says whenever the time comes. Many, many Republicans — many of them Senators — are abjectly idiotic.

They got elected not only because they’re dumb, but they are willing to toe the MAGA New Right orthodox into the sun itself if need be. In other words, they’re willing to destroy the United States, burn it to the ground, turn it into Trumplandia in the name of their equally dumb god-king Trump.

But, really, this is just a setup for whenever an actual non-idiot MAGA autocrat becomes POTUS at some point. Of course, the other option is we have a fucking civil war and we bomb ourselves into the Stone Age. Yet, for the time being, I think it’s safe to say that we’re just going to slip peacefully into autocracy.

Something’s gotta give for me to think Blue States are going to put up any sort of fight when the time comes. In the end, America will be governed by a party full of Oswald Mosleys who step and fetch for the autocrat whenever he asks them to.

That’s the general trend at the moment, at least. There are macro trends at work in the United States that make me believe that this really is the twilight of America.

Around 2025, we’re going to be in a new era, one way or another.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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