I Want To Fuck With The Qanon Mythos In My Novels

by Shelt Garner

I really am striving to create something totally original with these novels but yet in a way that is very much an “old brown shoe” for people familiar with Stieg Larsson’s stuff.

I keep struggling with the idea of how to fuck with the Qanon mythos as part of the universe of these books I’m writing but I’m finding it really difficult. There is some to work with there, but yet…not as much as you might think. I like the idea of making it clear to readers on the sly how much I fucking hate MAGA…and yet to date I’ve yet to figure out how to use the fucked up things that Qanon people believe in any way.

Which, I guess, is for the best.

But the Qanon belief system is SO fucked up, that it’d be a shame not to be able to flip the script on it some and turn them into the bad guys of a thriller. I think I might be influenced some by what they believe when I construct my bad guys, but it won’t be a 1-to-1.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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