A Nation On The Brink

by Shelt Garner

There are no simple answers to what ills the United States. We face strategic, titanic forces that will either see us become an autocracy or descend into the “national divorce” of civil war. There is no middle ground. This is it. Pick a side. We’re in the twilight of the America that we’ve known for about 250 years.

Pick a side, or a side will be chosen for you.

At the moment, I think we’re just going to become an autocracy. President DeSantis — or whomever — will take the reigns of power and just never let them go. Gradually at first, then more rapidly, the vise grip of autocracy will strangle America’s freedoms and we’ll be no different than Russia.

In about 20 years, we’ll be talking about President DeSantis invading Canada for this or that reason — form follows function.

Anyway, we’re fucked. Because if we don’t turn into an autocracy, we’re going to have a civil war. Probably more of an extremely violent “national divorce” that will redraw the political map of North America. It will be so horrible that by the time it’s over millions of people will have become political refugees. The United States of Canada will be born and Trumplandia (rump USA) will be born and it will be very, very poor and hostile to the modern world — and especially the USC.

I still think we’re just going to become an autocracy. Good luck.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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