The Only Way Mike Pence Becomes President Is As A Democrat (Or As Part Of A Unity Ticket)

by Shelt Garner

One of the mysteries of the political universe is why Mike Pence won’t bite the bullet and become the John Dean of the MAGA movement. If he wants to be POTUS, it ain’t gunna happen for him as a MAGA Republican.

The. Only. Fucking. Way. Mike. Pence. Becomes. POTUS. Is. A. Hail. Mary. Pass.

Even if Trump somehow, magically, gets knocked out of political consideration, Mike Pence just isn’t up to having a pitched political battle with DeSantis or Hawley, or whomever. But the center-Left is so devoid of leadership, and is so politically easy, that I swear to God if Mike Pence turned on MAGA he would be on Stephen Colbert within a month.

And, what’s more, Pence would not have to change one policy opinion other than showing some principle and turning on MAGA. He would instantly be the Democratic front runner (at least among Twitter liberals) and there would be a huge amount of chatter on Twitter of the need for a “Unity Ticket,” maybe with AOC as veep.

But I think we have our answer — Pence’s poor mind can’t take the cognitive leap necessary to realize his path is being a Democrat (or somewhat) rather than continuing to be a toady for Trump / MAGA.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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