I Understand Steve K. Bannon

by Shelt Garner

Steve K. Bannon and I could not be more different. He is on one end of the political spectrum and all the way on the other side is me. And, obviously, even though he’s not nearly as powerful as he use to be, he’s still got a lot more political power than than I have.

Steve K. Bannon

And, yet, I think he and I have similar personalities, even if how expression mine in a dramatically different way.

One element that he and I share is we tend to run with a microscopic amount of information, speculating about this or that theory of the moment that we may have concocted.

And I think he probably does a lot of scenario running in his mind like I do.

Some of what I may be noticing is both of us are, relative to normal people, cranks. We’re both full of shit. I think I’m a little bit more self-aware of how full of shit than he is, but, lulz.

The reason why this is important is, what separates the two of us is opportunity. He’s a member of the elite and I’m a nobody. And yet, the United States is entering an unprecedented era of instability. And there’s a greater-than-zero-sum chance that nothing short of a revolution is going to happen. And, as such, even a nobody like me, who thrives in chaos, might find myself with the finger of God pointing at me in a rather dramatic fashion.

Or not. Who knows.

It’s something to think about.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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