Traditionalists Are Acting So Weird

by Shelt Garner

As I keep saying, I’m the red headed step child of my family on a political basis. Everyone else in my family is a bed rock conservative. I call them Traditionalists.

For centuries, American Traditionalists have been the bedrock of our democracy because they believed that we were a democracy. But, alarmingly, my Traditionalist relatives — whom I love dearly — no longer believe in democracy. They get all worked up making it clear to me that we’re a “constitutional republic,’ NOT a democracy.

In other words, American Traditionalists are pretty much waiting for A Very American Autocracy so they can become Good Germans. American politics right now is very, very, very fucked up.

Traditionalists, because of extreme negative polarization and an extensive permission structure are now, are waiting with baited breath to support the suffocation of American democracy because they’re deeply concerned with being canceled by the woke cancel culture mob. The Traditionalist I know are completely consumed by the cancer that is MAGA, even though they’re reluctant to support Trump himself. They want Trump without Trump, which would be, of course, fucking Ron DeSantis.

Now, what is all very abstract to my Traditionalist relatives is very concrete to me. They simply want to burn everything to the ground to avoid the risk of an off color remark being recorded and then going viral so their life is ruined. They’re also very concerned about how the woke canceled culture mob is trying to turn third graders gay by “grooming” them. This is, like, at the very forefront of their mind, the thing they jump to the moment politics is brought up.

And, what’s even more alarming is there just is no middle ground anymore. Either your Red or your Blue. This is not the recipe for a very stable government. As such, the United States is careening towards a dramatic historic event of some sort in the coming years, probably in late 2024 – early 2025.

We’re past the event horizon. Because of macro trends we’re either going to implode into autocracy or explode into civil war. And, honestly, I still don’t know which direction we’re going to go.

Regardless of which existential choice we make, all of our lives will be greatly affected.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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