What A Clusterfuck

by Shelt Garner

We know that Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony has MAGA Republicans alarmed because they are using the current controversy over her claim that someone told her that Trump attacked member of his Secret Service detail to dismiss EVERYTHING she said.

It was inevitable that something she said would be quibbled with. But, here we are. It’s all so depressing. While 60% of the electorate will continue to be appalled by Trump, that core 40% of the electorate will say everything she sais was “bogus” because of the Secret Service issue.

But, wait, it gets worse.

The Angry White People I’m related to — who I love dearly — have already said they “like Trump’s policies they just don’t like Trump.” So, even if we were magically able to stick a stake in the heart of Trump’s political career, there are a dozen — a dozen! — would be autocrats waiting in the wings to finish the job he started.

The issue is — there is something seriously fucked up with American politics right now. You have otherwise good people, who happen to be conservative, all but demanding the establishment of A Very American Autocracy…because they think liberals are annoying.

That’s it. They want to destroy America because liberals are annoying. I mean, that’s all liberals have is soft power. It’s not like they can shoot straight when it comes to gaining power and passing laws — even popular ones!

There are macro, tectonic forces at work in American politics right now, things I struggle to understand. But, in the end, as I keep saying we either have a civil war (Trump) or we slip peacefully into autocracy (DeSantis.) There is no middle ground and you have a few years to figure out which side of history you’re on. No amount of earnest, angry Twitter ranting is going to save you — nor will the system.

We’re fucked. Totally and completely fucked.

The sooner you pick a side or figure out how the leave the country, the better,.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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