Twitter Liberals Are Determined To Waste Everyone’s Time Before They Flee The Country To Avoid The MAGA Autocracy

by Shelt Garner

I continue to see Twitter Liberals go out of their way to point out the shameless hypocrisy of MAGA “thought leaders.” It’s all very dumb. Nothing is going to change. MAGA is without shame and they continue to their craven drive to end American democracy and establish white autocracy minority rule.

Unless we have a civil war, it’s a foregone conclusion that we’re going to careen into autocracy and that will be that. No amount of earnest or angry tweet is going to change that. MAGA is ascendant and, as I keep telling my Traditionalists relatives, they’re going to get everything they ever wanted — and more — they just have to be patient. (This doesn’t seem to register with them, they’re still as angry as ever about the “woke cancel culture mob” personally canceling them for a stray remark that is recorded, goes viral and then ruins their life.)

And, what’s worse, we all know that when the time comes, Twitter Liberals will be the first to flee the country when it’s clear the United States is no longer a Western democracy. They have the means, motive and opportunity to flee the country en masse — maybe even in the millions. Fox News will turn from ranting about scary immigrant caravans to ranting about the liberal brain drain that has to be stopped at all costs. This will happen after a brief period of smugness on their part. It won’t be until the Autocrat gets angry at this brain drain that Fox News will change its tune.

If you want to position yourself for the future financially, I might suggest thinking out the global serves that might service all those Americans in Canada, Europe and Oceania. Think about how a million or so highly educated and trained American liberals suddenly living outside the country and what services and products they will want ready access to. This would be a very speculative and risky thing to do, but it might work out given what I feel is going to happen.

America is on the cusp of entering a very, vary dark period in it history. One that will transform us to a nation that at least like to think it’s the “freest in the world” to one that is no better than Hungary, Turkey or Russia. This transition to autocracy will upend the post-WW2 global liberal order and all sorts of unusual things may happen. We might see the United States ally with Russia and generally begin to become Fortress America.

We’re definitely going to become a theocratic white Christian ethno state. Or, like I said, we’re going to have a civil war. Take your pick. But no matter which direction we go, Twitter liberals are wasting their time pointing out the shameless hypocrisy of MAGA.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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