America’s Future Is A Massive Clusterfuck

by Shelt Garner

If I had the means, I will already be making practical plans for how I was going to get out of the United States and never come back. I honestly believe that the America I have known my entire life is in its twilight. Either we’re going to have a civil war or we’re going to slide into autocracy without firing a shot.

Given how relatively chill everyone was — in a practical sense — to the Dobbs decision, it definitely seems we’re going to become A Very American Autocracy. Initially, nothing is going to change other than it becoming very clear that “vote harder” simply is not an option. Voting will be seen as meaningless and people will gradually just stop voting because they will now that, in the end, Republicans will always maintain power.

And that will be that.

There will be a lot gritting of teeth and yelling about this or that thing that should happen, but, in the end, it will all be meaningless. Millions of well educated, wealthy liberals will flee the country. They will do the same meaningless things they did before the Very American Autocracy was established, only in a different country.

In fact, I suggest that the massive outflux of wealthy American liberals will likely be THE news story of 2025 -2030. It’s going to change global history as American ideals and tastes begin to be pumped throughout the world in force. This will all be happening, potentially, in the context of the US leaving NATO and generally “bringing the boys home.”

Fortress America will be established and, as such, the world will grow so unstable that WW3 might break out as several regional conflicts become hot at the same time and WMD are used.

The liberal “brain drain” out of America will grow so bad that President DeSantis will make a big deal about passing legislation that will make it harder for it continue. Form follows function, after all. And, while we’re mentioning form follows function, President DeSantis at some point in his decades-long reign is probably going go full Putin and invade Canada for this or that reason. Autocrats do shit like that.

Now, of course, there is a very small chance of a civil war. But I just don’t see it happening. The only way there might possibly be a civil war in the United States is if Trump, not DeSantis, is the Republican nominee in 2024 and he personally, single-handedly is such a deranged asshole that Blue States feel that they have no choice but to secede.

I know I’m a nobody in the middle of nowhere, but all this talk about “civil war being on the table” for MAGA is totally oblivious. MAGA has no reason to start a civil war! MAGA is getting everything it wants without firing a shot. Why would they possibly start a civil war?

I’m well aware that a lot of fucking cocksucker MAGA types stumble across this obscure Website because they have a boner for civil war so they can finally murder people like me in cold political blood. But that’s just mental masturbation. They’re all excited about the idea of civil war because it’s the worst thing they can think of happen — that and a “MAGA revolution” — but, in the end, it’s just bunch of bluster. They just have no reason to start organized political violence and if they did, it would be a blunder of epic proportions.

I suppose, if you really wanted to have a fever dream, that if Trump became Speaker of the House and then went transactional by saying Red States would leave the Union unless both Biden and Harris were convicted in the Senate as part of impeachment trials…THEN, MAYBE, there MIGHT be a civil war.

Otherwise, lulz. And you’re an idiot to think MAGA is going to start a civil war. It’s just wouldn’t make any sense.

But the crux of the issue is — no one is going to save us. There will be no reform. Nothing is going to change. This is it. We’re beyond the event horizon when it comes to autocracy or civil war. We’re in the twilight of America’s democracy and, as I mentioned, if I could leave the country forever, I would.

I can’t thought. So, I suppose I’m going to either have to take my chances when it comes to crossing our new autocrat (which is inevitable because of my loud mouth) or figuring out a way to leave my deep Red portion of a purple state for some Blue state in the North should there be a civil war.

Yet, to be clear — enjoy these last few months of traditional free America while you can. Good luck.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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