2025: A New Fall Of Constantinople

by Shelt Garner

The ebb and flow of history can lead to some pretty strange outcomes. The fall of Constantinople in 1453 flooded Europe with Greek scholars that led to all sorts of new thinking and, ultimately, the Renaissance.

Well, flash forward a few centuries and here we are — the barbarians are again at the gates of civilization and they’re probably going to break through. So, once MAGA turns the United States into an autocracy a flood of well trained, well educated wealthy liberals will flee the country for parts unknown. It also happened with the ascension of the Nazis in Germany and it’s going to happen in the United States.

These days, I find myself wondering not only where all those Americans will go, but how they will change world culture. I’m assuming that the first stop all these wealthy Blues will go to is Canada. But Canadians hate Americans, so it seems like Europe and Oceania might be a bit more receptive. I could see Perth — one of the more interesting cities in the world from my experience with individuals from there — might see an influx of Hollywood types.

Then, of course, there’s the chance that somewhere unexpected like the Philippines. The living is cheap, it has great weather and it’s big enough that a lot of wealthy Blues could land there and fall in love with the place. (I know I did when I visited a few times.)

But the thing we have to appreciate is end of American democracy will bring massive change to global culture. The States has about 335 million people. So, given the massive income inequality here — I mean, who can afford to use Blue Apron on a regular basis? — I could see as many as 10 million wealthy Blue Americans having the means, motive and opportunity to leave the country starting around 2025. That will be when MAGA Republicans seize power in the United States finally and permanently.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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