Is Tucker Carlson Running For President?

by Shelt Garner

Everyone’s favorite bowtie fascist Tucker Carlson went to Iowa recently and makes one think — is he running? I can tell you from empirical evidence that he is EXTREMELY POPULAR with Traditionalists who are Good Germans but who are uneasy with Trump.

So it’s very logical for Carlson to at least ponder seriously the idea of running for POTUS. In a sense, Carlson is more Trump than Trump because he’s smarter and better educated so he can be even more white nationalist in an overt manner than Trump but say it in such a way that he can get away with it.

Now, some context.

Trump is such an idiot and something of a Frankenstein’s Monster that he refuses to retire and let DeSantis or whomever fight it out with Carlson to see who will be the fascist that makes America officially an autocratic state. So, there are two options.

One, Trump simply wades back into the race for president and politically cockblocks everyone else. The other option is there is a massive pitched battle between Trump, DeSantis and a few other would be autocrats like Tucker Carlson. Then, it’s a very last man (or woman) standing situation. To the point that there MIGHT be a brokered Republican convention which would be more about who would be Trump’s veep than anything else.

I don’t think enough people appreciate how important Trump’s selection of veep will be. Trump is old and fat and so out of shape that it’s doubtful he will make it through his second term. As such, if Trump goes nuts and picks, say, someone like Mike Flynn to be his veep — something I’ve been told on Twitter will never, ever happen — then we could really be up shit creek without a paddle.

Anyway, don’t sleep on Tucker Carlson. Even with Trump running around running for POTUS during the 2024 cycle, Carlson is SO popular that he still has a pretty decent chance of winning the nomination and, as such, the presidency. I mean, we’re never going to have another free and fair election unless there’s a civil war so, lulz, if you win the Republican nomination you’re POTUS.


Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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