Does MAGA Really Have More Fun?

by Shelt Garner

Someone on Twitter quipped that I “appear to have a miserable life” and I should become a conservative because they “have more fun.” Excluding the fact that all of that is complete bullshit, let’s investigate the idea that MAGA is “having more fun” these days.

The personal in the circle is not doing the Hitler salute, but is having a lot more fun I think.

I suppose it’s always more fun to burn things to the ground than to build them up. Building and defending institutions is hard work and so of course it’s more fun when you’re lighting a match and laughing as democracy goes up in flames. But that is the rather abstract political “fun” of destroying things.

If you want to be far more practical about things on a personal level — being conservative sucks. You’re against all the fun things of life like recreational sex even though you do it just as much, if not more than liberals.

Because you don’t mind being fucking hypocrites.

So, no. Being conservative is NOT more fun. It makes fucking cocksucker MAGA New Right people feel better to suggest this, but it’s just not fucking true. And, history has shown that autocracies ARE NOT FUN.

But conservatives aren’t thinking about that at the moment. They just want to “own the libs” on Twitter by suggesting if they only became conservative they would have more fun instead of their miserable lives of screaming at the top of their lungs that the arrival of…conservative tyranny.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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