Will MAGA Start A Revolution?

by Shelt Garner

Ok, so you’re drinking Coors Lite with your buds at the cabin, you know, the one where you SWEAR you saw Big Foot, and you come to your evening’s 2 minutes of Liberal Hate. You talk about how all liberals want to do is “groom” third graders and how Dr. Fauci OBVIOUSLY directly made money from COIVD and why isn’t he in jail yet?

Before things finish, though, you realize that there needs to be a revolution or something. So, in your anger, you search for “MAGA Revolution?” and end up here.

First of all, you’re a fucking cocksucker who was high when you “saw Big Foot.” Fuck you, you piece of shit.

Ok, but let’s get the the question at hand, “Will MAGA start a revolution?”

This is such a dumb, dumb, dumb sentiment for lots of reasons, chief among them it’s highly unlikely that MAGA will start a “revolution” than a “civil war.” But you’re obviously an idiot and “revolution” makes you feel better.

The crux of this question is the idea that, for some reason, MAGA is going to freak out and start murdering people like yours truly for political reasons, using all those AR-15s that you want to fuck so bad.

I hate to break it to you, you fucking cocksucker MAGA piece of shit, but it makes no sense at all for MAGA to start either a revolution or a civil war. Why in the world would MAGA do that? Republicans are just a few months away from winning the House and SCOTUS is handing MAGA everything it could possibly want and more on a silver plate.

I suppose there is the chance that Trump will get named Speaker in 2023 and he will demand a civil war unless both Biden and Harris are impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate. But that, while very possible, still is very silly and would be a massive self own when all Trump would have to do is be fucking patient.

The point is — the MAGA New Right has a concrete vested interest in there not being a civil war. Meanwhile, if there is going to be a civil war, it won’t be Reds who start it, but Blues. WHY IS THIS SO FUCKING HARD FOR PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND.


This frustrates me because plenty of very well educated Twitter liberals who should know better still chase the shiny object of Reds being interested in starting a civil war.

Ugh. What’s worse, I don’t even think we’re going to have a civil war! We’re just going to slouch into autocracy.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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