Debating MAGA Is A Waste Of Time

by Shelt Garner

MAGA’s political thinking has reached a point where it is so recursive that it’s very pointless to talk to them if you don’t agree with them. I suppose the same could be said for me as anti-MAGA as well, but usually if I feel the person who disagrees with me is acting in good faith I’ll at least give them a chance before walking away.

One talking point I’ve gotten recently from MAGA is the idea that it’s the Left that is “burning down cities because they don’t get what they want.” Of course, one could point out that the most egregious example of people turning to violence because they didn’t get what they wanted came from MAGA when they stormed the Capitol.

It’s arguments like that one the part of MAGA that makes me just tune out. I give up. How do you have an honest debate with someone who either always talks in bad faith, or if they do talk in good faith, they’re so absolutely partisan than they see compromise as weakness and, as such, something that has to be exploited and attacked.

Jesus Christ, fuck that!

And this totally ignores that I keep saying that MAGA has every reason to not be violent because they’re getting everything they want via the courts and politics. I keep saying this over and over and over and over again but MAGA is so full of angry crybabies who feel aggrieved that they…just…don’t…listen…to…me. They’re so angry about how thing think anyone who isn’t MAGA is gay or a “groomer” or both that they don’t even hear it when you tell them that they just need to be patient and they’ll get everything they want.

It’s very, very frustrating.

When about half the population hates the term “liberal” so absolutely that just the use of the term, period, for any reason evokes rage you got a problem. I mean, I can’t say “liberal democracy” or “liberal world order” without a MAGA person freaking the fuck out. FUCK YOU, MAGA, YOU COLLECTIVE PIECES OF SHIT.

Anyway. We’re doomed. We either turn into an autocracy or have a civil war. There is no middle ground and neither side is listening to the other. There is no solution at this point other than to just leave the country. Or figure out what you believe in and what you’re willing to suffer for in the real world when the time comes.

Things are dark and getting darker.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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