The ‘Resistance’ Needs To Become Antifa

by Shelt Garner

The term “Antifa” has become so loaded as to be taboo. When you say “Antifa” the average America thinks people in red and black colors throwing Molotov cocktails in downtown Portland.

And, yet, I find myself thinking about what I am politically these days and I’m not a member of the so-called Twitter “Resistance,” which is made up mostly of elderly busy-bodies who think if they can only write just the right Tweet they can bring down Trump and everyone associated with him. No, I’m anti-fascist. And, as such, I think we need to reclaim Antifa as a concept from the violent thugs who cornered the market on the idea before any of us realized we were going to need it.

Because make no mistake — MAGA is fascism. MAGA is a fascist cancer that is eating away at the heart of American politics. And only when begin to think of ourselves as Antifa and not limp wristed “Resistance” will we see results. Let me be clear, I hate violence and I’m not advocating it now or in the future.

But I’m a man of words and we need to define who we are. The “Resistance” has proven itself a failure. Now that it’s far more clear what we’re up against — fascism — we need to reboot the things and buckle up for what happens when the fascists are the government and we have to risk our lives and sacred honor in the real world.

What’s probably going to happen is, well, nothing. It won’t be until the fascists have “won” that the actual transition from the Resistance to Antifa will take place. This will happen because people are stupid and can’t process that concepts are flexible and can change their meanings as necessary to fit the moment.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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