So, Where Would This MAGA ‘Popular Uprising’ (Revolution) Start?

by Shelt Garner

We’ve reached the point where we’re seriously thinking about the idea of some sort of “civil war” or even “revolution.” But the question is, of course, where might it break out?

I don’t know what the fuck is going on with this state, but they have issues. Their Republican Party is completely bonkers. It’s fascist and hateful and completely detached from reality. And it was in Arizona where there was an armed protest in front of an FBI office. So, it seems possible that if there was some random terroristic attack that it might happen in this state.
The thing I’ve learned is that while I think Florida is actually three states, when it comes to comes to MAGA, it’s one state. So, yeah, I could see there being a lot of seemingly random, politically motivative mass murder sprees involving AR-15s in this state.
The thing we have to remember about this state is it’s actually two states — Portland and everything else. So, I could see some situation where the militia members of Oregon outside of Portland swoop into the city and decide to knock some Antifa heads. It would be very bloody.
This state is so big and so autocratic in its government that it almost goes without saying that we might see pre-civil war type bloodshed take place there.
Random Place
This would be just random MAGA weirdos who decided to die for the cause.

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