Three Intractable Issues Tearing America Apart

by Shelt Garner

If I was normal and had, like, a career and shit, I would write a tome about these three issues facing America and how we might solve them. But, alas, I’m just a drunk crank working on my first novel, so you get a few hundred words in a blog post.

The two sides are growing more and more hardened on this issue. There is just no wiggle room. By definition, either you essentially want no gun control or you want sensible gun control that will never happen. The two sides are receding from each other at an alarming rate that I agree with #NeverTrumper David French that it’s easy to imagine a scenario where a huge mass killing in a Blue State might be, unto itself, enough to spark a civil war.

Of the three issues I’m going to address, abortion is the one that is, at its heart, economic and, as such, might start a civil war. Abortion requires a subtle, nuanced policy and….well, that’s never going to happen. As such, it could be that the first ping from a civil war will be when all Red States totally bad abortion, while all Blue states keep it legal — then SCOTUS upholds a national abortion ban…then comes after birth control, even for married people.

It’s not so much the Trans movement itself that is of concern as it is the absolute illiberal groupthink that liberal-progressives have surrounding the issue. I generally support Trans rights, but I also know of people in my personal life who are being driven into the arms of fascism because they don’t believe in anyone being Transgender for religious reasons and this causes the “woke cancel culture mob” to freak the fuck out. If our politics was working at all, there would be a gradual move towards some sort of middle ground on the subject that didn’t involve alienating everyone possible in either political direction.

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