Imagining An American ‘Glorious Revolution’ Against Tyrant Trump Starting In Late 2024, Early 2025

by Shelt Garner

I hate violence. Hell, I hate conflict of any sort. But, as we enter being about one year away from the so-called “Fourth Turning,” I find myself thinking about what might be the BEST case scenario in a huge, massive clusterfuck.

Now, in real terms, I think the United States just slipping peacefully into autocracy is probably the absolute best scenario of a wide rage of really shitty outcomes. And, yet, if you think about what might be best if we want to remain a functioning democracy, there is the “Glorious Revolution” option.

This is all very speculative and I still can’t really game it out, but, in general, this would be where things get so fucking bad under Tyrant Trump that the 60% of the American population that wants to remain the “land of the free” rises up and brings Trump down, MAYBE with the help of the U.S. Military.

But it would go something like this — starting in January 2025, Tyrant Trump lives up to his name and he’s so full of hate and the need for revenge that a lot of common folk who, to date, have lulzed Trump’s tyrannical inclinations will sit up and take notice.

I think of these people as political “Radical Moderates” As such, even though about 1 million smug Twitter liberals will have left the country by that point, enough of us Poors join forces that we manage to bring Tyrant Trump’s tyrannical regime to its knees.

I could see not only mass protests as things got progressively worst under Tyrant Trump, but maybe, just maybe, that unicorn of American political levers — the General Strike. Americans are so chill — even under duress — that it’s really difficult to imagine something as out of the ordinary as a General Strike.

But we live in unprecedented times. And, according to political science, all you need is a motivated 5% of the population to bring down the government. So, it’s easy to imagine if Trump somehow managed to sign a complete, and total, ban on abortion of any sort in the context of pulling out of NATO and South Korea and God only knows what the fuck else, that women, if nothing else, might collectively decide to YOLO it and just not go into work until Trump is out of power.

Now, before this seems like too rosy a scenario, there would obviously be an equal and opposite reaction on the part of MAGA if, say, Congress was actually thinking of doing something about Trump. So, things would really be totally chaotic as the two sides tore the country apart.

What might START as a “Glorious Revolution” against Tyrant Trump, might endup as just a regular old fucking Second American Civil War.

So, as I mentioned before, lulz. I guess I’m cool with us slipping peacefully into a MAGA-themed autocracy.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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