Election Night 2024: T-Minus 1 Year & Counting

by Shelt Garner

Oh boy. One year from now, as I understand it, will be Election Night 2024. The thing about the next year is there are a lot of known unknowns that could potentially make these coming months some of the most momentous in American history.

Biden is very old. Trump is a man on the run from the law.

As such, it could be that there are any number of things that might happen suddenly that will change some pretty basic assumptions that we have about what we will be facing on Election Night 2024.

If we are very, very, very lucky, then we defeat Trump again and, rather than deciding to demand a National Divorce so he can escape prison, he rants a lot about “Stop The Steal 2” but…nothing happens. We manage to punt some pretty severe structural problems down the road AGAIN.

Trump is so fucking old that even though he will obviously run for president again if he loses again in 2024, he’s not, like, fucking immortal. It could be that all my fears about us turning into an autocracy like Russia will happen not in 2025, but 2029. Any Republican president that we have at this point is going to turn us into an autocracy, it’s just an issue of degree.

A lot of white (male) Americans are angry about the browning of America combined with the growing economic agency of women in the context of the white “Birth Dearth” and the secularization of the country in general. White Identity Politics just aren’t going anywhere — our transition into a minority majority nation is causing some pretty basic elements of American political life to be thrown up in the air.

And I just don’t know how things will work out.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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