A Review Of the A24 Trailer For The Movie ‘Civil War’

by Shelt Garner

I am very pleased with this movie because it will give Americans an outlet for all the bad juju we’re feeling these days about the potential fate of our nation. It is interesting, however, that the producers of the movie decided to muddle the scenario by not making it a Blue Vs. Red civil war but something more fictional. The fact that the “Western forces” made up of Texas and California which are the rebels in this movie has already caught the attention of the Twitter hivemind.

People are really annoyed that they aren’t being given a clear, more realistic scenario to watch. Everyone knows that Texas and California would never join forces in a civil war — but that’s the point. If the producers didn’t do some fudging, then they would have to pick who the “good guys” of their scenario were.

Of course, there WAS a way that they could be more realistic — have the story be more about how a Red Vs. Blue civil war unfolding being the huge drama happening in the background of the lives of everyday people trying to just live through extraordinary times.

But that may be too nuanced for what people would want to see once you introduced the topic of a realistic civil war scenario. Both sides would be enraged if they weren’t the “good guys.”

Anyway. I probably will go see this movie, even if is really bad, just so I can have a cathartic viewing event and also so I can judge the quality of the scenario.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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