‘Optimism Bias’

by Shelt Garner

I was put on blast by a Twitter liberal because I pointed out that if Trump goes full tyrant after his possible election then there will be consequences. She called my comment “optimism bias.”

As is so often the case when trying to debate a complex situation on Twitter, what I was trying to say was lost in the argument. I don’t think I’m being optimistic to suggest that we might have a fucking revolution if Trump goes full tyrant.

That seems anything but “optimistic.”

Seems pretty fucking dark to me.

Her argument, it seems, is this — we just have to give up if Trump wins re-election. We can’t even game out what we might do as a nation if Trump wins. We just have to cling on to rainbows and unicorn farts and put all our chips on “voting harder” and, as such keeping Trump out of office.

Jesus Christ does this confusion make me angry.

Rather than pinning all my hopes on “voting harder,” I think we should start to think seriously about the consequences of Trump being a tyrant in 2025. I just don’t think that the US will go the route of Germany in 1933. The two nations are just too different.

The US is huge, diverse, decentralized and has a strong tradition of democracy. And, if anything, I’m embracing the idea that there won’t be any guardrails if Trump is re-elected.

In fact, it is the very lack of political guardrails that might lead to the very dark scenario of a Blue Revolution that would, in some way, depose Trump.

Jesus Christ did that dumb argument on Twitter make me angry.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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