‘Never Again’

by Shelt Garner

As I grow more and more and concerned about the implications of the MAGA Nazi plot Project 2025, I find myself alarmed at how our Jewish friends are not freaking out in a more conspicuous and public manner. I continue to read about the first 100 days of the Nazis’ consolidation of power in early 1933 and I’m quite spooked.

One of the lessons of that time is the fucking Nazis were able to use their paramilitary arm the SA to browbeat the 48% of the population that didn’t support them into at least being pliant.

The thing is — I know that whatever happens to Jewish people under Tyrant Trump is going to inevitably happen to *me* too. I’m not Jewish but I am a loudmouth drunk crank who is not above calling Tyrant Trump a small-dicked cocksucker.

There are two curious things about MAGA that separates it from the Nazis.

One is, MAGA is a symptom of a declining empire that wants to turn inward. I think this will lead to a total reordering of the global system established after WW2. The United States will pull out of NATO and South Korea and, lulz, maybe even align itself with Russia, Hungary and Turkey.

Also, at least for the time being, MAGA isn’t as virulent in its antisemitism. The issue of MAGA becoming antisemites seems to be a forgone conclusion because form follows function. And, remember, Tyrant Trump is old as fuck and it could be that President Carlson or President MTG starts to go after the Jewish community, even if the Late President Forever had Jewish people in his direct family.

As such, I wish Jewish people of all stripes would be a bit more public in their freak out about the aims of Project 2025. It is clear that Project 2025 is nothing less than an attempt to transition the United States into a fascist state like that found in Nazi Germany. The only thing they don’t have — at the moment — is an official paramilitary arm like the SA.

Maybe a weaponized ICE will fill that role as Project 2025 begins to corrupt the administration of justice? Whatever fills that role, it probably will be done under the cover of some sort of faux legal bullshit.

The point is — rather than flee the country starting in late 2024, early 2025 using their second passports, Americans of all stripes need well-heeled Jewish people to stay and fight. Never again means never again.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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