America Needs To Have A Sit Down Family Discussion About The Possibility Of A Civil War Happening Around 2025

by Shelt Garner

History may not repeat but it does rhyme. Overturning Roe might, in hindsight, be seen as a modern day Dred Scott decision. And it definitely seems as though the United States is careening towards the biggest political crisis since 1860 – 1861. The passions of the 2024 election could very well tear the United States apart in a way not seen since the Civil War.

I have repeatedly said that around 2024 – 2025 we will face a choice. Either we turn into a MAGA autocracy or we have a Second American Civil War. Or, put another way, starting now, the United States is going to grow even more politically unstable than it has been since Trump became POTUS.

There are a lot ways that there could be a civil war.

Everything from Republicans being angry that Democrats keep Congress in 2022 to Democrats being angry that the administration of elections has grown so corrupted in 2024 that they no longer feel they can win, period.

Part of all of this is how the overturning of Roe might be the equivalent of the Dred Scott decision. When women get angry, things tend to change in a big way. It happened during the French Revolution, it might happen now.

But I just have no idea which way things will go. It could be we simply slip peacefully into autocracy, it could be that we have a civil war.

At the moment, it could go either way.

Overturning Roe, however, definitely seems to make the idea of a Second American Civil War seem far more likely.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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