If There Is A Second American Civil War, Texas & Virginia Are Fucked

by Shelt Garner

I talk a lot about a Second American Civil War, to the point that some people like the woman who runs, “Mueller, She Wrote” calls me a “terribly negative person” and blocks me.

First of al, fuck her, but second of all, if there was a civil war, where would we expect to be the most violence?

I think there are two states that would implode at the onset of any Second American Civil War — Texas and Virginia.

I say Texas because it’s shifting Blue slowly, and this freaks the Republican Establishment there the fuck out. They know that if they let Texas go consistently Blue like California, then Democrats will have something of a strangle hold on the presidency for the foreseeable future.

So, in a sense, should the political distance between Blue and Red grow so extreme that states start leaving the Union, Texas would be a prime place for a political implosion. The state of Texas is likely to buckle into a number of warring areas. I could see Austin, in particular, facing a pretty grim fate because of how it is considered the most liberal of cities within the state.

The other state is, sadly, my own — Virginia.

Virginia is pretty much two states that are growing to hate each other. And as the middle ground evaporates, it’s more and more difficult for Virginia to function.

I could totally see Virginia collapsing into violence and chaos — probably after a coup of some sort — around 2025 should the there be a civil war around that time like I fear.

This, of course, would put me in the middle of a massive clusterfuck. If that happens, then I’m going North. If my state collapses and I find myself a Blue spec in a Red part of Virginia, I simply won’t have any other choice.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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