Shut It Down: The Women’s General Strike

by Shelt Garner

I’m a CIS white male, so please, if you’re a woman reading this please aggressively ignore me. But generally no one listens to me anyway, so here goes.

We need a Women’s General Strike.

French Revolution: March of the Women on Versailles, from Paris, 5th October 1789. Engraving. Paris musee Carnavalet (Photo by Leemage/Corbis via Getty Images)

The issue is — when women are wiling to risk real things in the real world history is made. It happened during the French Revolution, it happened during the Suffragette Era and it happened during the Women’s Movement of the late 1970s.

So, I grow very very frustrated as I watch on Twitter all these Blue Check liberals grow overwrought about the end of Roe. There comes a point when you have to put up or shut up.

Either Blue State women “bend a knee” and accept the end of Roe and we careen into a very dark Handmaid’s Tale future or we don’t. As of right now, it definitely seem a forgone conclusion that when it comes down to the whole house divided upon itself problem that we’re going to take the autocratic white Christian ethnostate route.

It’s going to happen if women simply accept it and just get mad on Twitter when any form of birth control is made illegal in all 50 states. And, if you want to get all intersectional feminist about it — if you can’t get wealthy white liberal women in Blue States to care about poor POC women in Red States, well, man are we fucked.

Fight the power.

Desperate times call for desperate measures — we need a Women’s General Strike. And for it to be success, it would need to be national and and it would need to be intersectional. Everyone from a white stock broker in NYC to a African American house cleaner in Mississippi.

I would propose we use the existing organization infrastructure associated with the Women’s March to do it. And you would really need the entire liberal infrastructure in the media to educate people as to the risks associated with doing such a thing.

A lot of women could lose their jobs — especially in “Right To Work” states in the South. But that’s the whole point. If women are willing to risk their lives and sacred honor in the real fucking world to make a point about their right to reproductive control, then, there you go. Problem solved.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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